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30% since the first debate where mitt romney singled out coal as needing to be boosted in this country. both of those coal stocks still going up. liz: highly anticipated earnings, we will wait and hear from the search giant yahoo, and getting texas instruments. as for yahoo, this'll be the first earnings report under the new ceo and the question becomes is her turnaround plan working? as they quickly punch it up, looking into the close down slightly about half a percent. david: commodities futures trading commission set to vote on new rules protecting your investment. we can use that after mf global. we'll be talking to bart chilton on the regulation of how this can impact your money. liz: but first, what drove the market in a different direction today in the data download because most of it was down and ended to the upside. the stocks rallied with all three major indices eking out gains to and in the green. the dow rallied nearly 100 points in the last hour. technology and materials pretty much the top performers. it was just technology, everything else was down. coppe
. during the first presidential debate mitt romney pointed out problems he had with dodd-frank regulation. >> one is it designates a number of banks too big to fail and they're effectively guaranteed by the government. this is the biggest kiss given to new york banks i have ever seen. liz: we have somebody who agrees with romney that dodd-frank is a gift to big banks earnings the big is he called it. we have boyden gray, former white house counsel and former ambassador to the european union. he is representing a texas community bank that is challenging dodd-frank in u.s. district court. ambassador gray, thanks for coming in. be as specific as you can sir. in what ways does dodd-frank favor bigger banks over smaller ones? >> in a couple of major ways. the dodd-frank act contains massive new regulations which typically in industry but especially here much easier for big banks with big overhead, big lawyers, big lobbyists to take care of. if you're like our client a little bank in springs texas, with 40 employees it makes it difficult to carry certain lines of business where there is big, bi
near the presidential candidates are choosing their campaign paths wisely. liz: how are governor romney and president obama trying to lock down the white house? well, going after the undecided voter of course. peter barnes in washington. he has more on their efforts. peter? >> hey, liz and david. president obama stock around florida, a key swing state for a post-debate rally this morning where he slammed mitt romney on foreign policy. >> last night he was all over the map. >> so that sound bite was to set this up. we're doing fact-checking here the both candidates are all over the map this week. headed to key swing states, they feel are crucial to whipping on november 6th. obama in florida, ohio, and iowa today. then on to colorado and nevada. though he will pop into l.a. tomorrow to tape "the tonight show" with jay leno. then the president is headed back to florida and ohio thursday as well as again i can't. mitt romney is hitting nevada twice, plus ohio, colorado, and iowa. he must be feeling pretty good about florida. he did not stay there this morning. the "real clear politics" aver
romney during the debate. he joins us exclusively coming. >> we are waiting on apple earnings. they are imminent. expectations too high this time around. stock has shown weakness. we look at what to expect from that ipad mini going forward. dave: coal and natural gas giant consul energy missing the top and bottom lines in earnings but despite a drop in demand companies investing in new production. brett harvey is chairman and ceo of consul energy who joins us in a fox business exclusive. great to see you again. thanks for coming in. we just heard steve ballmer tell us one of his biggest concerns is china and the slowdown of china and that lack of demand is bothering microsoft. is it also weighing on the demand for coal and other energy? >> their economy is slowing down. the demand for energy. keep in mind their industrial revolution. worldwide there is 1.5 billion people moving into the middle class that just need electricity for the first time. cola's a good market going forward. dave: you missed expectations. is china one of the reasons why? >> china has slowed down. that is
. ashley: which candidate is better for your wallet, president obama or governor romney? coming up next bob dietrich of polaris financial tells us what his research reveals. the answer, well, it may surprise you. liz: were taxpayers duped by bank of america? the federal government filing suit to the tune of more than a billion dollars. liz macdonald is telling us what the serious allegations are. have a little queen to take us into the commercial break. ♪ >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. wall street closed lower for the second straight day of the federal reserve's latest policy decision did little to boost the markets as expected. the central bank is sticking with its bond buying program called qe3 unveiled last month. another round of underwhelming corporate results also pulled markets down. >>> cheesecake factory released its third quarter results after the closing bell. earnings per share for the restaurant chain in line with estimates at 49 cents. revenue fell short of expectations at $453.8 million. >>> yahoo! started to notify roughly 200 employees they will lose th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5